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Coastal has been in the ship fabrication and construction industry for decades and the projects have been growing in terms of quantity, variability and complexity. Coastal's fabrication and construction projects range from barges, landing crafts and tug boats to medium size offshore support vessels with different functions, such as utility support vessels and anchor handling tugs. In fact, when the company first stepped in to this industry, it has a short history of fabricating fishing boats and ferries.

Operating at shipyards covering more than 90 acres of land in Sandakan town of Sabah, Malaysia, Coastal stresses the importance of delivering quality. The shipyards are well-equipped with advanced technologies and equipments to carry out daily operations, ad-hoc projects and emergency cases. Most of all, these applications are operated by a group of well-trained and under-supervision staff and the overall daily operations are overseen by qualified and experienced chief engineers and managers.

Coastal strives to continuously improve and expand in ship fabrication and construction field by implementing effective training programme and latest technologies.


Shipping / Chartering

Coastal started off as a shipping company dated back in 1978 when it took over barely two units of second hand small capacity single screw tug boats.

Today, Coastal charters more than 40 units of vessel at any one time, including oil barges, dumb barges and tug boats. Coastal offers wide range of chartering services to accommodate different customers' needs. Charter basis includes time charter, trip charter and bareboat charter. Coastal's main customers remain from Southeast Asia, many of which are long term customers, who charter our vessels to carry coals, iron ore, metal scraps, stones, crude oil, etc.

Despite having many existing clients, Coastal's services are always made accessible by any customers from worldwide and Coastal attempts at its best to fulfill customers' needs.


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Ship Repair / Maintenance

Coastal has had decades of experience in repairing and maintaining patrol boats, tug boats, barges, ferries, etc. The range of related services are:

- changing and painting of hull steel plate
- electrical works
- high pressure water and steam cleaning
- repair, repitch, rebuild and static balancing of propellers
- refurbishment and renovation
- overhaul engines and generators
- other engineering and mechanical jobs

Coastal's main customers of this division include the Royal Navy, Marine Police and Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agent.

Should you require our services, please fill in and submit the following enquiry form or call us for our marketing staff's assitance.

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